Module Description : Financial Aspects of Project Engineering and Contracting
Module Code(s) : CEGE3010 CEGE0016
Module Coordinator : Tristan Robinson
Outline :

Financial Aspects of Project Engineering and Contracting is a half course unit for BEng and MEng undergraduate or a 15 credit module for engineering MSc students. It is aimed at those students who will become the project managers and industry leaders of tomorrow. Since most engineers will be involved with engineering projects either as contractors or purchasers, it provides an insight into the structure, management and financial management techniques used in the engineering industry, and deals with the financial aspects of engineering companies as a whole, as well as those of individual projects.

Aims And Learning Outcomes :

On successful completion of the course a student will be able to: 

  • understand the importance of finance and economics in engineering projects;
  • structure of companies and stock market indicators
  • interpret a company's performance and status from its published financial accounts; balance sheet, profit and loss account and cash flow statement;
  • prepare a project S-curve, budget and cash flow forecast;
  • make allowance for interest payments;
  • undertake simple project planning using Gantt Charts, Critical Path Analysis and associated techniques;
  • understand the Conditions of Contract and their applications;
  • understand how to evaluate projects using payback and NPV techniques;
  • carry out a basic project risk analysis;
  • understand liabilities for health and safety and environmental protection;
  • know something of the techniques used for dispute resolution.


Pre- And Co- Requisites :
Assessment :


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1. Exam.
2. Coursework


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Reading List :

​Hill R &,, Solt G Financial Fundamentals for Engineers ISBN 978 075 0069412 - essential

Baggott J Cost and Management Accounting Made Simple ISBN 0 491 01420 1 - useful

Kruschwitz L & Loeffler A Discounted Cash Flow ISBN 9780470870457 - useful

Lock D Project Management ISBN 0566085518 - useful

Vose D Risk Analysis: A Quantitative Guide ISBN 9780470512845 - useful

Savage S Decision Making with Insight ISBN 0534386393 - useful

Brown H and Marriott A ADR Practice &,, Principles ISBN 0421579609 - useful