Module Description : Image Understanding
Module Code(s) : CEGEG075
Module Coordinator : Jan Boehm
Outline :

​The module includes advanced techniques of image understanding for the automated interpretation of range and intensity images. Imagery stems from aerial cameras, satellites, laser scanners and range sensors. Interpretation includes feature extraction and segmentation, both in 2D and 3D. The course explains how this can be used for automated alignment and registration and ultimately for surface retrieval, and covers basic point cloud processing techniques such as surface fitting and filtering, as well as giving an introduction to object recognition and 3D visualisation.

Aims And Learning Outcomes :

​The module aims to provide students with both a theoretical and practical understanding of automated interpretation techniques for range and intensity images. The module provides students with the skills to use state of the art software tools to process data sets and develop new tools within existing frameworks.

At the end of the module, students should:

  • Have the knowledge of advanced image understanding techniques and can apply these to satellite, aerial and laser scanned imagery.
  • Be able to choose the appropriate methods and use them to solve a given real-world problems.


Pre- And Co- Requisites :
Appropriate first term modules covering basic image formation and parameter estimation, i.e. Mapping Science and Data Analysis or equivalent
Assessment :

​50% Coursework - 1 piece

50% Exam - 2 hours


Reading List :

Image processing, analysis and machine vision [2008],M. Sonka, V. Hlavac, R. Boyle, 3rd edition., Toronto: Thompson Learning

Digital Image Processing [2008], R. Gonzalez and R.E. Woods, 3rd edition., Pearson Education.

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